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12/31/2018 Radiography Certificate Home Study Course Event View Event
01/11/2019 'Annual Installation Dinner and Honors Night' Event View Event
02/08/2019 'Stay Out of Jail: The Top Coding Errors' and 'Top How-to-Tips for Structuring the 'Ideal' Practice' Event View Event
03/08/2019 'Anterior Esthetic Techniques and Materials' and 'Mastering Anterior Implant Esthetics' Event View Event
04/11/2019 'Hurts So Good!' -Management of Acute Dental Pain and Appropriate Prescribing Practices' and 'Top of the Heap' - Frequently Prescribed Medications and Clinical Dental Considerations' Event View Event
05/03/2019 'Better, Faster, Stronger, Prettier Composite Dentistry' and 'The Epidemic of Cracked Teeth: Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention' Event View Event
11/06/2019 'Ten Things That Will Help My General Practice Without Breaking the Bank: Overview of New Technologies with a Clear ROI' and 'Demystifying Enamel Wear: Diagnosing Wear Caused by Force vs. Wear Caused by Acids' Event View Event
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