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'The Wonderful World of Children...Marvin's Garden of Tips' and 'Professional Success...It's All About Attitude'

Registration Closed!     

Date:1/21/2010 | 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Speakers:Marvin Berman, D.D.S.
Credit Hours:7 HRs
Cost:$430.00 - $565.00

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sponsored By:  Commerce National Bank and Dental Care Plus Group
Location:           Crowne Plaza (formerly Sheraton Cincinnati North Hotel), 11320 Chester Road, 513-771-2080
Time:                 8:30 am - Registration and Coffee; 9:00 am - Program Begins; 12:00 - 1:00 pm - Lunch and 5:00 pm - Adjournment
Handouts:         Please click on each of seven documents to download for this course. Please know that these handouts are not a copy of the 
                        presentation, but articles that Dr. Berman would like to share with the attendees and will be referring to during his lecture.
 Handout 1, Handout 2Handout 3, Handout 4, Handout 5Handout 6 & Handout 7.

“The Wonderful World of Children…Marvin’s Garden of Tips” and “Professional Success…It’s All About Attitude”


Marvin Berman, D.D.S.       


(Dental Hygienists, Dental Assistants & Administrative Personnel of registered dentists for this course are invited to attend as long as space permits.  See tuition charge on registration form.)



The Wonderful World of Children…Marvin’s Garden of Tips will draw from Dr. Berman’s over four decades of experience to guide you through an intensely personal, no-nonsense review of everything you want to know about clinical pediatric dentistry…including parent and child management, local anesthesia, pulpotomies and crowns, composites vs. amalgam, fluoride and sealants and even diet and nutrition. Bring radiographs and models of your cases and your problems. Not a lecture but a meaningful give and take.


Professional Success…It’s All About Attitude addresses bedside and chair-side manners as disappearing phenomena. Patients anticipating and undergoing medical care are often not conversant with the medical jargon nor are they cognizant nor do they care about the technical details that are involved in the treatment we provide. But they do know whether a doctor is kind and patient, has a sense of humor and if he or she is listening to them. Above all, patients know if the attitudes that the doctors and assistants exhibit reveal a sense of caring. Using his compilation of videotapes and his unique approach to dealing with adults and children in stressful situations, Dr. Berman will illustrate the methodology involved in establishing positive rapport with patients while performing such tasks as administering local anesthesia, performing operative procedures and just plain talking. A don’t miss learning experience for all members of the dental team.



About the Speaker:


Dr. Marvin Berman is an internationally recognized pediatric dentist with a career as a successful practitioner and a popular world-class lecturer spanning over FOUR DECADES.  After hearing him speak or watching his videotapes, thousands of dentists (general practitioners s and specialists) are using his straight forward, no nonsense approach to patient management and practice organization.  Marvin has been an ambassador for dentistry as a health reporter on CBS (News Radio 78) and via media appearances as a Consumer Advisor for the ADA, the Chicago Dental Society and the Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and he is co-author of “Essentials of Modern Dental Practice.” He has published numerous articles in the dental literature and is a member of many professional and service organizations including Honorary Membership in the Hinman Dental Society.

His public relations expertise is in demand when shows like OPRAH are tackling difficult issues such as Aids, Amalgam, Dental Phobia and Consumer Rights, and he’s still the principal dentist in a thriving practice in Chicago. Marvin is married to his wife Joyce for more than 49 years and they are proud parents of four children, and boast seven grandchildren…so far.

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